LaniKuhonua Cultural Institute

 In the resort area of Ko'olina on Oahu's west side, Lanikuhonua is a truly enchanting wedding ceremony venue that encapsulates the essence of Hawaiian paradise. It's name means "Where heaven meets earth" and it is an accurate description of how this place feels. This pristine, oceanfront location offers couples a breathtaking backdrop for their special day, with swaying palm trees, golden sands, and the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean.


- Although it is located in the popular resort area of Ko'olina it feels worlds away separated by large lush lawns and cultural sites from the rest of the resort. 
- Beach access to a pristine beach is included for couples beach photos in addition to your  ceremony
- There are many great reception options a short distance away in Ko'olina, from restaurants with a private dining room, to a luxury resort catered private function, our team is happy to offer recommendations that would be the best fit for your group!
- The islands most luxury resorts are located close by as well as vacation rental condos great for families.
- This site has great cultural significance The institute is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Hawaiian culture and uses the proceeds from events there to further that mission.


- The ceremony package only includes up to 30 chairs available on site, wedding parties larger than 30 must rent chairs separately.
- The venue is many acres and there may be other weddings at the same time as your ceremony, but they will not be visible from your ceremony location.


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Ko'olina Crystal Chapel Venue

Nestled in a tropical oasis fronting the ocean in the resort area of Ko'olina, this incredible chapel gives you the feel of an oceanfront Hawaii wedding, with the creature comforts of shade and air conditioning and the added bonus of stunning architecture for your wedding photo collection.


- It is in a private area of Ko'olina, giving you the feeling of being far away, while you are still in the heart of the resort area. 
- A small bridal suite is included for the bride to stay hidden and comfortable
- Beach access is included for beach photos in addition to your chapel ceremony
- There are many great reception options a short distance away in Ko'olina, from restaurants with a private dining room, to a luxury resort catered private function, our team is happy to offer recommendations that would be the best fit for your group!
- The islands most luxury resorts are located close by as well as vacation rental condos great for families.


- Max guest capacity is 50 ppl
- The chapel hosts more than one wedding a day so you must be on time for your allotted time.
- Ceremony times available: 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM 


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Waikiki Leia Venue

Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood in Waikiki this lovely Oahu wedding venue has so many options! For smaller groups there is a waterfall with diamond head views behind it. For groups over 20 they have a dramatic chapel that seats up to 50 with high arching ceilings. 


- Central Waikiki location that is very easy to get to with two beautiful ceremony location options.
- The venue is home to a lovely restaurant than can offer reception meals after your ceremony (booked directly with the venue). 
-Beautiful grounds with ample photo backdrops.


- Although the venue is in a quiet neighborhood, it is in the city and there is a possibility of city noise such as sirens, cars, etc.
- Availability can be limited due to the restaurant operating hours.
- This is a relatively new venue offering for us, so we don't have real weddings executed here yet. Contact our coordinator team for more details.


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Paradise Cove Luau Venue

The Paradise Cove Luau has an oceanfront grassy lawn or a toes in the sand beach option for your wedding ceremony. You choose which you prefer! Hold your ceremony here and head to the Luau afterward for a fun reception option, or go to a restaurant at one of the nearby resorts.


- You can choose to get married toes in the sand or on a grassy lawn with an ocean view and palm trees.
-This Oahu wedding venue is located in the resort area of Ko'olina, a beautiful area for you and your guests to stay and play.
- You have the option to book discounted group rates for the luau and use that as a fun and easy reception option.
-You have access to the beach in front of the luau for romantic couples photos.
-It has ample parking and access to restrooms and is ADA compliant. 
-The views from the lawn and beach are beautiful and make for gorgeous photo backdrops.
-The weather on this side of the island is very consistent and rarely rains.


- The wedding venue offers three wedding locations and it does not offer exclusivity, so there may be another wedding going on at one of the other two locations. You can't see each other from the different locations but your guests may see other wedding couples or guests.
-The luau does some setting up in the area of the ceremonies but not directly next to them.
-Beach access from the luau grounds is limited to the wedding couple only and the area directly in front of the property.
- The beach venue is private, but the beach in front of the property is not so you may have beachgoers behind your beach ceremony.



Royal Hawaiian Golf Club Venue

Are you in love with the lush side of Hawaii? Then the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club is the perfect wedding venue in Oahu for you! The ceremony location is surrounded by lush green mountains and trees. The package also includes a golf cart ride for the couple to take advantage of the many amazing photo opportunities here. Add on photography time and head to nearby Waimanalo Beach to get the best of both worlds! 


- It is a part of a golf club but still feels extremely private.
- It has a restaurant near the ceremony site your guests can grab a drink or enjoy the AC in before or after the ceremony. 
- An on site reception can be booked and coordinated directly through the venue.
- The LUSH mountains offer epic scenery surrounding you in all directions.
- The property sits next to a rainforest/jungle that you have access to via golf cart for photos.
- The location is a short 14 mile drive from the heart of Waikiki, so it is an easy location for you and your guests to get to.
- The venue is only 8 miles from one of our most scenic beach locations, Waimanalo Bay Beach so you can build in photo time to take advantage and get photos in both locations.
- It has a bridal suite to change into your wedding clothes in, and wait in the AC until the ceremony starts.


- This area can get passing showers, the reason it is so lush is it gets more rain than other parts of the islands.
- The venue is a working golf club, so there is the possibility of the public being able to see your ceremony, but in general it is very quiet and the ceremony location is not near any main traffic areas.
- Ceremonies are only available Mon-Thursday at 8:00 AM or 10:00 AM afternoon ceremonies are available for a fee, contact us for details.



Hyatt Regency Waikiki Venue

Have a beautiful wedding ceremony without having to leave Waikiki! The views of the Iconic Waikiki Beach will delight you and your guests as the backdrop of your ceremony.


- Convenient central Waikiki location that is very easy to get to in a beautiful resort with all the amenities you would want for a tropical vacation and honeymoon.
- Photos within the hotel grounds including a two story atrium waterfall are included for a beautiful wedding photo collection.
- You can add on a reception booked directly with the hotel. This makes for a seamless transition for you and your guests from ceremony to reception.


- The ceremony terrace is near a restaurant and in a downtown area which can add noise to your ceremony. 
- Other hotel guests will be able to see your ceremony from the walkway to access the location.
- No outside food or beverage is allowed, but can be booked through the hotel.
- Morning ceremonies only (done before 1:30 PM) unless booked short term (60 days or less).
- This is a relatively new venue offering for us, so we don't have real weddings executed here yet. Contact our coordinator team for more details.


Kualoa ranch Paliku Gardens Venue

Welcome to Paliku Gardens at Kualoa Ranch: A Picture-Perfect Wedding Venue in Oahu, Hawaii

Discover a Hawaii wedding venue that combines natural beauty, enchanting landscapes, and the spirit of Aloha. At Paliku Gardens, nestled within the iconic Kualoa Ranch on the breathtaking island of Oahu, your dream wedding becomes a reality. Here, amidst lush greenery and panoramic views, you'll create memories that last a lifetime. This package is perfect for both Oahu elopements and weddings with up to 50 guests.


-An idyllic sanctuary cradled beneath the hallowed Kanehoalani mountain peak.  Showcasing captivating views of Kane'ohe Bay, the majestic Koʻolau mountain range, vibrant gardens, lush meadows, and the iconic Mokoli'i Island, where every moment is a masterpiece of natural beauty.
- Perfect for those with larger guest counts 
-The photo opportunities are beyond amazing.


-The weather here is often overcast, but it rarely rains, so your photos may be soft and pastel vs. vibrant
-This venue is only available Mon-Fri  with our current pricing, an upgrade fee of $600 can be added for a weekend wedding.
-Kualoa Ranch is no longer booking the Secret Island location for wedding ceremonies. You can add on a bridal photoshoot on a different day at Secret Island + scenic boat trip for $1350 that includes Kualoa site fee + 1 hour of photography.


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If you have not chosen an island 100% and are still open to other options. We also offer some Hawaii wedding venues in Maui and Oahu with our sister companies Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Hawaii Wedding on the Big Island. 

Click one of the links below to see destination wedding venues on Maui or Big Island. 

If you have any questions about any of our Hawaii wedding venues, please contact us, and we will get back to you in 24hrs or less with helpful information to assist you in wedding planning. 

Also, if there are any Oahu wedding venues not on our list please reach out and we can see if we can craft a package for you. A few different wedding venues we may be able to work at are: Dillinham Ranch, Sunset Ranch, Male'ana Gardens, Waimea Valley, Loulu Palm and Turtle Bay Resort. Just contact us and we can reach out to any venue and see if we can work out a venue plan for you.

Oahu Wedding Venues: 6 Crucial Factors to Consider Before Booking

1. Consult a Wedding Planner About Your Venue Preferences

2. Establish a Budget for Your Wedding Venue

5. Timing is Everything: When Should You Book Your Venue

6. Evaluate Reception and Catering Options

Wrapping it all Up

Additional Hawaii Wedding Venue Options

4. Prioritize Wedding Venue Location Factors

3. Determine Your Guest List Size

ChoosingChoosing the perfect Oahu wedding venue requires careful thought and meticulous planning. To assist you in this process, we've compiled a list of six essential considerations to help you make an informed decision about which Hawaii wedding venue is right for you. 

A wedding planner with experience in Oahu can provide valuable insights into what different venues offer and how they can best meet your specific needs. They can also negotiate deals, navigate local regulations, and foresee potential issues that may not be apparent to you.

A consultant to assist you during your wedding planning journey is essential in reliving stress and ensuring important details aren’t overlooked.

Before starting your search, it's essential to decide on a budget for your destination wedding venue. Remember, Hawaii state law stipulates a maximum guest count of 25 for a beach wedding. If you exceed this limit without securing a larger wedding venue, you may face a hefty fine. Figure out how much event spaces cost, so you know if a wedding venue is even in your budget. 

The number of guests attending your Hawaii wedding will significantly influence your wedding venue selection. Ensure your desired location can comfortably accommodate all attendees while adhering to any local regulations or restrictions. Knowing your guest count will often dictate if indoor and outdoor wedding venues will work for your wedding party.  

Is the aesthetic appeal of your wedding venue more critical than its proximity for guests? Or vice versa? Considering these questions will help you determine the importance of proximity to accommodation, airports, and other amenities when choosing your Hawaii wedding venue.

For example, a location on Oahu’s North Shore, such as Turte Bay Resort, from the movie 50 First Dates, will be much more difficult to get to than a location in the heart of Honolulu. Also, accommodations right in downtown Honolulu are far more budget friendly.

Some sought-after Oahu wedding venues require reservations more than a year in advance, especially for popular dates. Decide whether the wedding date or a specific wedding venue is a priority, and plan accordingly. The best wedding venues calendars fill up quickly, especially right after Christmas and New Years. As soon as you know your wedding day, pick a date that works and book it quickly.

Some venues in Oahu Hawaii offer comprehensive packages that include reception spaces, catering services, dance floors, and cocktail hour options. If these features are important to you, ensure they're available at your chosen wedding venue or prepare to arrange them separately off site. As long as you are in a resort area, you will have many more options to choose from at lower prices. Your wedding planner will be able to help you with assessing costs and benefits. 

Choosing the perfect wedding venue in Oahu requires balancing various factors. By using this guide as a starting point, you'll be well on your way to making an informed decision that suits both your dreams and your budget. It is also important to think of what is best for your loved ones attending your wedding and what will make their trip easier. Also don't forget about costs such as wedding photographer and other big ticket items. 

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