Hawaii Dream: Treva-Marie & Christopher’s Oahu Beach Wedding

June 26, 2024


Treva-Marie and Christopher’s Oahu beach wedding at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park was a magical celebration of love, joy, and natural beauty. The morning ceremony took place on a picturesque stretch of golden sand, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. As the sun peeked over the horizon, casting a warm glow over the scene, Treva-Marie and Christopher exchanged vows in a heartfelt ceremony that was both intimate and deeply moving.

Oahu beach wedding
Hawaii beach wedding Oahu
Hawaiian Lei exchange

Elegant Couple Details

Treva-Marie, a vision of elegance, wore a stunning white gown that perfectly highlighted her natural beauty. Her rustic Hawaiian bouquet, bursting with vibrant tropical flowers, added a charming island touch. Christopher complemented her beautifully, dressed in black slacks, a smart vest, and a green Maile lei, embodying the essence of a classic beach wedding with a touch of Hawaiian tradition.

Oahu elopement ceremony

A Picturesque Ceremony by the Sea

Kahu Kelehua led the ceremony with grace and authenticity, infusing traditional Hawaiian elements that added cultural richness to the event. As they stood hand in hand on the picturesque beach, the serene ocean and lush greenery served as a breathtaking backdrop. Their faces glowed with joy and anticipation, and the love they shared. The soft morning light perfectly complemented the scene, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and romance.

These after-wedding shots of Treva-Marie and Christopher truly capture the beauty of an Oahu wedding. They look so comfortable and happy as newlyweds, a perfect match. I bet they can’t wait to get into honeymoon mode and enjoy everything Oahu’s North Shore has to offer.

Stunning Oahu Backdrop

The scenic Oahu backdrop, with its ocean views, palm trees, and lush greenery, provided endless opportunities for stunning wedding photos. Each shot by Karma Hill Photography highlighted the beauty of the location and the couple’s joy, making it clear why Oahu is such a popular destination for weddings.

What a dreamy setting for your post-wedding bliss! The beach, palm trees, and lava rocks come together to create the ultimate romantic atmosphere. This is truly the essence of an Oahu beach wedding on the North Shore.

loving wedding embrace

Capturing Heartwarming Moments

One of the most heartwarming moments of the day was captured by Karma Hill Photography, showing Treva-Marie and Christopher walking hand in hand along the shore. Their smiles radiated pure joy and love, and the gentle waves lapped at their feet, creating a serene and romantic setting. The clear blue sky and soft golden sand completed the picture-perfect scene, encapsulating the essence of their beautiful day in paradise.

beautiful beach bride in Hawaii
Oahu groom photos

A Perfect Celebration of Love

Treva-Marie and Christopher’s wedding at Hale’iwa Ali’i Beach Park was not just an event but a true celebration of love, filled with heartfelt moments and joyous interactions. The exquisite floral arrangements by Sweet Blooms and our coordination as the Simple Oahu Wedding team contributed to making this day perfect. Incorporating the essence of Hawaii weddings, their ceremony truly captured the beauty and romance of a destination wedding in Hawaii.

Thank you so much Treva-Marie and Christopher for letting us be a part of your spectacular wedding day. We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

Oahu Beach Wedding – EVENT DETAILS

Time Of Day: Sunset

Oahu Beach Wedding Planner: Simple Oahu Wedding

Beach Wedding Location in Oahu: Haleʻiwa Aliʻi Beach Park

Oahu Elopement Package: by Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Wedding Photography: Lauren of Karma Hill Photography

Florals: Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet – Vibrant by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Oahu Officiant: Kahu Kelehua Kawai

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