Happiest With You – Julros & Rex’s Oahu Elopement

April 4, 2024


From the corridors of their high school science class in 2008 to the sandy shores of Oahu, Julros and Rex’s journey is a testament to the kind of love that flourishes over time, grounding itself deeply in shared experiences and mutual passions. On Rex’s birthday, amidst the panoramic views of San Jose at The Grandview restaurant, a proposal was made—unexpectedly marking the beginning of their forever on a day traditionally reserved for birthday wishes.

As nurses, both Julros and Rex lead lives dedicated to care and compassion, balancing the stress and unpredictability of their jobs with their love for sunshine, water, nature, and, of course, each other. Their laid-back nature, a necessity borne out of their profession, perfectly encapsulated the essence of their Oahu elopement—simple, fun, and utterly them! Keep reading to see more of their amazing day!

oahu elopement
oahu elopement
wedding ceremony

Vows With Aloha

Their Oahu elopement day itself was bathed in the kind of light that seems to make everything shine a little brighter, a little more magical! Surrounded by the dramatic mountains of Oahu, Julros, and Rex exchanged vows on the lush lawn at Kualoa Beach Park. Their happiness radiates as palpably as the warmth around them. It was an intimate affair, reflecting not just their love for each other, but their love for nature too.

wedding in hawaii
oahu elopement

Julros, in her flowy dress, seemed to capture the sunlight itself, her gown glittering as if woven from the threads of the sunbeams. And Rex looked equally handsome, trading in his scrubs for a sharp suit! And as they walked along the beach for their newlywed portraits, they looked so happy!

oahu elopement
wedding in hawaii
oahu elopement
happy newlyweds
oahu elopement
oahu elopement

Congratulations to Julros and Rex! Your special day was a beautiful reminder of how simple and joyful an Oahu elopement can be! Here’s to many more years of happiness, adventures, and joy!


Time Of Day: Morning

Oahu Beach Wedding Coordination: Simple Oahu Wedding

Beach Wedding Package: Complete Oahu Elopement Package #2

Onsite Coordinator: Vy of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Beach Wedding Location: Kualoa Beach Park

Florals: Leis, Flower Crown, Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet – Vibrant by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Minister for Oahu Wedding: Kahu Kawena

Oahu Wedding Photography: Laura of Karma Hill Photography

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