Guys Got Swag! – Our Favorite Oahu Groom Styles

May 5, 2020


We think we can all agree that Our Grooms Got Swag!! We focus a lot on our beautiful brides and their stunning wedding gowns, hair and makeup, shoes, and all that jazz; but really, we can’t forget about our favorite groom styles! These guys really do deserve a shoutout! It’s not easy to pull off sophistication while letting your personality shine. But these grooms find a way to do it! Whether it’s in the cut, the details, or the patterns, these stylish guys rock their Oahu wedding attire! Come check out some of our favorite swaggy gentlemen!

Something Blue

groom wedding attire

There’s nothing wrong with the classic black tux, but there’s something about the rich, inky shades of blue that elevate groom style to a whole new dimension of on-point-ness. Offset it with patterns or a relaxed button-up, or make it uniquely you with a rose bowtie! It often surprises our clients to find out just how much of the color saturates the Hawaiian coast… it’s not just our aqua waters, it’s our valleys, skies, and mountains too! In this color palette, you’ll look polished against the panoramic views, and your special someone will really say you blue them away. We’re here all night, people!

The Time Traveler

groom styles

English sophistication has never looked so good! Sign us up for these classic groom styles! From James Bond to Mr. Darcy, with the sleek silhouette of the traditional groom suit, you can’t go wrong! This style is picture-perfect and can be adjusted to match your own personality. Add the 007 bow-tie for an ultra-polished look, or bring in some jazz with hues of slate gray or linen. Special accents like a boutonniere to match your bride, a simple pocket square, or an unexpected splash of vivid color make a contemporary statement.

Put It in Print

aloha print on groom - beach wedding

Aloha Print is definitely not for everyone, but a sweet little touch of a bird of paradise on a necktie or a tasteful aloha print shirt on an upbeat groom works just fine! If you’re going to dive into the Hawaiian print, then we suggest seeking out patterns that are uniquely you and original. Draw inspiration from your favorite hues, then complement that epic pattern with a pairing of sleek slacks or a mellow suit.

Suspended in the Clouds

groom in suspenders

What can we say? Suspenders are super cool… retro yet modern, these fun staples are making a snappy comeback! Perfectly paired with a partner in boho attire or 50’s glam, suspenders add an element of youthfulness and quirky charm while still functioning as a chic wedding staple.

Tie the Knot

bow-ties groom styles

Bow Tie or Neck Tie… prints and hues… fabric or wood… so many options! While it’s becoming more and more popular to leave these little guys at home, the tie is evolving into an unexpected statement detail. The ladies get luscious bouquets… so why can’t the groom have some colorful flair? This simple little piece of fabric can go a long way in making an impact and showcasing your sense of fashion. Use it as a designer would decorate an accent wall: go all out, be bold, be wild, and then style the rest of the room (Or should we say, groom?) in traditional and simple hues.

A Man in Uniform

military groom style beach wedding

Not every groom has the honor of wearing one of these proud dress uniforms, but for those who do, we say thank you. Thank you for your service! We recognize all of the important details and embellishments of your uniforms, and our sister company, Karma Hill Photography, always takes great strides to capture these pieces with diligence and respect. Keep wearing these noble groom styles with pride!

Sock ’em To Me

groom styles

Fun and creative socks can add a touch of hidden personality that doesn’t overpower the outfit! Spunk, spunk, and then some. Your socks speak volumes about you. With just a glance at these photos, we can tell so much about each wearer’s personality. If you have a favorite pattern, a spirit animal, or just a favorite food, show it off with your feet gear! Pair those peppy socks with classic oxfords and you’ve got yourself postcard-worthy Oahu wedding attire. Just don’t forget to tell your photographer they’re under there!!

A Pinch Of Something Extra

Other items such as hats, watches, or suit decor can send your traditional groom styles into a place of fashion that’s 100% you… and 100% you is the best kind of you! Don’t hesitate to add a designer watch that’s as on time as you are on-fleek. Or wear a fedora that brings out all the tropical vibes of the beach. Or clip on cherished mementos to bring you closer to those who’ve moved on. Whatever feels natural and meaningful, wear your style with pride because this is your day too!

Of course, these are only a handful of our swaggy grooms! We’ve loved getting to see these guys rock their styles and enjoy their Oahu weddings! We can’t wait to see what stylish grooms await us this year!

For more info on groom styles, check out our recent post 10 Most Memorable Oahu Styles and Hawaii Wedding Attire! Or see Simple Maui Wedding’s 5 Essential Tips For Choosing Your Grooms Hawaii Beach Wedding Attire.

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