What To Wear To a Hawaii Wedding – Groom’s Edition!

May 14, 2018


There are many shows, bridal magazines and blogs that help brides find the perfect dress for any occasion, but what about the grooms? Many find it challenging figuring out what to wear and to find just the right look at a more non-traditional Hawaii Wedding. Well, we are here to help you get just the right look for you! We want you to look amazing at your Oahu Wedding!

The great thing about a beach wedding is you can make it as casual or formal as you want! The main rule for grooms is to be at the same level of dress as your bride. If your bride is wearing a formal gown, khaki shorts and a button-down shirt are going to look underdressed next to her. Conversely, If she is wearing a simple cotton dress and you show up in a tux, you are going to look like you are trying to upstage her (maybe you are, but that’s between you two! 🙂


“Look Put Together, Not Super Formal”

Not every groom wants to wear a full suit on the beach, and we get it, it’s hot! So here are a few ideas for looking sharp without having to wear a full suit.

  1. Wear a vest with slacks, you can go with or without a tie. For bonus points, you can choose a tie or shirt color that will coordinate with your bride’s flower choice.

2. Wear a suit jacket, but no tie. It’s nice to have the option to take off the jacket and no tie around your neck will keep you cooler!

3. Suspenders! A little retro charm to take your look to the next level, but not as hot as a vest or jacket.


  1. Layer – vest + suit jacket, that way you can take off the jacket for some photos but still look great!

If you are in the military, wear your dress uniform! It looks amazing in photos and everyone loves a man in uniform!

3. Break out the Tux! The tuxedo is the “classic” grooms attire and if you are on the more traditional side, or just love dressing up than this is the look for you! It does look quite dashing on the beach and you don’t have to stick to black!



Hair: Be sure to get a haircut just before you leave home or just before the wedding if you live in Hawaii, you don’t want to look shaggy on your wedding day!  Some salons offer “grooming” for the groom, this can include a great shave and hairstyle so you look your very best.

Hands: Put the MAN in manicure, there will be close up photos of your hands with the rings on and you don’t want to be staring at that one hangnail for the rest of your life in photos. Be sure to have clean and well-groomed hands and nails as well.

Accessories: Accessories can be fun for guys too and can bring a little fun or personality to your wedding. Big Star Wars Fan? Maybe some Death Star cufflinks? Have a special family heirloom like a watch? Bring it! Maybe a pocket square with a fun print of the breed of dog you have at home, find ways to really show who YOU are in your attire.

Fit: Be sure to try on your clothing well in advance of the wedding and have anything tailored that does not fit perfectly, like too long pants or a jacket that is just a little too tight.

We know that weddings are usually all about the bride, but we want to make sure that you are the perfect arm candy for her and the more effort you put into your attire, the better your wedding photos will look!

If you have any questions about your wedding attire, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we are happy to help!

See you on your wedding day!

-The Simple Oahu Wedding Team

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