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August 4, 2017


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We have brought together Oahu’s BEST wedding officiants! We would like to introduce you to our officiant team and let you know more about why a professionally qualified wedding officiant can make all the difference on your wedding day.

Oahu Wedding Officiants do more than just say a few words to get you married. They ensure you are standing in the right place and in a way that will look good in your photos as the ceremony starts. They set the tone for your ceremony with their energy and words. They help you and your guests feel comfortable. They often times will bring insight to the meaning of your wedding day that you may never have thought of.

They are also the one vendor that your wedding can absolutely not do without! This is why a professional and reliable officiant is SO important! If the photographer, floral and coordinator are all there but the officiant doesn’t show up. You aren’t getting married! This is why we ONLY work with experienced professionals.  Combined our officiants have performed thousands and thousands of weddings. Even though our officiants perform many weddings, they give each and every wedding their full energy and attention, they take their role seriously and ensure you have the best start to your marriage possible!

To learn more about our Oahu wedding officiants see their photos and bios below.  We hope we get a chance to connect you with them as a part of one of our Oahu Wedding Packages!

Oahu Wedding Officiant

Meet Our Oahu Wedding Officiants

Oahu Wedding Officiant

Kahu Pomaika’i (left), Kumu-Bradford-Ikemanu-Lum (right)

About Kahu Pomaika’i: Kahu Pomaika’i is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer. Her awakening began at a young age with various encounters with spirit guides. Pomaikai is a Hawaiian Minister or Kahu and specializes in performing traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremonies, renewals, blessings and clearings for both businesses and families. Her work is rooted in love and infinite Aloha. Her presence at your wedding will give you a sense of calm, it is an experience you will remember for a lifetime!

About Kumu-Bradford-Ikemanu-Lum: Brad’s gift as a hula teacher, chanter, history expert and keeper of culture allows him to offer the true essence of Hawaiiana in a wedding service. Native Hawaiian history writing, storytelling, giving presentations on Hawaiian culture, chants and arts in addition to Hawaiian language translation into English is an internal part of Brad’s gift. When he shares “Aloha” in the wedding ceremony. He brings culture to life as he is able to blend spiritually and custom into a contemporary service that meets the modern world of today.

Oahu Wedding Officiants

Pastor John Fuchigami (left), Pastor Ingrid R. Lewis (right)

About Pastor John Fuchigami: Pastor Fuchigami was raised in Hawaii and is serving as the Senior Pastor of Hope Chapel Iwilei. He knows a thing or two about marriage having been married for 27 years! John is an experienced and professional officiant having performed thousands of weddings since 2003. Pastor John is very experienced and able to do a number of different wedding ceremonies to suit the needs and desires of the couple. Ceremonies include Japanese/English weddings and vow renewals, Hawaiian-styled ceremonies, vow renewals, traditional ceremonies and more.  One of Pastor John’s driving values when it comes to performing weddings is:
“No matter how many weddings I perform, I want to treat each one like it’s my first and only wedding. Practically every couple is experiencing this joy and wonder for the first and only time. I want to enter into and share that experience with them. I want each and every couple to feel special. . . because they are. The way I engage and officiate their wedding will only take a moment, but the memory of the event is something they will carry for a lifetime. I want to treat my role on this occasion with the utmost respect and heart.”

About Pastor Ingrid R Lewis: Ingrid is called to the work of love thanks to her commitment to people. She is an accomplished educator, counselor, and entrepreneur with a Masters of Art. Her background in counseling, assessment, and advocacy/outreach services lends itself perfectly to performing the ceremony of marriage. Ingrid displays personal and professional integrity in all that she does. Her career has taken her to New York, Arizona and now Hawaii. She believes that love is an essential element in living a resilient and fulfilling life. Her mission is to support the planet by imagining new greatness now!  Her warm demeanor and sense of calm will be a welcome addition to your wedding day!

Oahu Wedding Minister

Reverend June Dillinger (left), Reverend Grace Christian ( right)

About Reverend June Dillinger: Oahu has been my home for almost 35 years and moving here from La Jolla, CA is one of my most favorite life decisions. I love Hawaii’s ethnic diversity! While I have had many roles over the years; recently serving as the Associate Spiritual Leader at Windward Unity Church in Kaneohe and also working as the Youth Education Director at Unity Church of Hawaii, I also host a program called “It’s All About Love” with Olelo Community Media and it’s in its 5th year of broadcasting.  People are my passion! I have an amazing son on the island and have found my greatest pleasure is being of service to those choosing love and planning their wedding ceremony.

About Reverend Grace Christian: I respect the sacredness of joining two souls in union; the lightheartedness and often tender moments that come forward during the ceremony. As a minister, I am blessed to be an integral part of a couple joining as partners in life. All of my work has shown me that each of us is a complex, beautiful masterpiece. From this work, I bring that love and reverence for each person I join in sacred marriage – as I honor the miracle of two souls who are brought together to walk with one another on their journey. My background also includes my work in public affairs, and together with my work in the healing arts, I bring my presence and special detailed attention to your day. I look forward to helping create your unforgettable day.

Reverend Geo Downer (left), Reverend Sumoha Jani (right)

About Reverend Geo Downer: Reverend Downer is the spiritual leader of Windward Unity Church, where he is immersed in the pursuit of ministry. Geo demonstrates passion, excitement, and enthusiasm about Oneness and recognition of the presence and power of Love in all of life. A dedication to service is an ongoing theme of Geo’s life and joining two, as one is a way that Geo aspires to serve. Once from New Mexico… now a blessed local on Oahu!

About Reverend Sumoha Jani: Sumoha is of South Asian descent and was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has also lived in California and New York, before moving to Hawaii. She’s an educator by trade and a connector at heart. She has a calm presence and demonstrates the ability to relate well with folks from all walks of life. She feels honored to participate in couples lives this way.  She looks forward to meeting you on your wedding day and creating an experience you won’t soon forget!

Kahu Dennis Chong-Imamura (left), Reverend Kimo Taylor (right)

About Kahu Dennis Chong-Imamura: Kāhea in the Hawaiian language dictionary is “to call, to cry out, invoke, greet, name …; to summon, a call, alarm.” Life for me has been a progression of calls and summons from the Creator who lives in each of us, from Akua – from God. With the hā or chosen breath of life. The series of kāhea started.  I believe in God and that there is God – in His image in every person. I believe that we should love or aloha one another (remember the greatest commandment?). I believe that there are many paths to God, whom we call by different names. I say all this because this is who I am as a kahu and celebrant – very important to know and understand for those seeking a sacred path, as in marriage.
With mana and hā I relate to the land, the ʻāina and all its people in the warmth of aloha. I conduct ceremonies within the parameters of traditional Hawaiian protocols, using ti leaves, Hawaiian salt, special water, the sounds of hula and most importantly, oli (chants) that communicate with God, with the forces of nature, with generations that have passed and with generations to come. Mahalo Ke Akua and Blessings to us all.

About Reverend Kimo Taylor: Reverend Taylor has been performing weddings since 1996. He is an ordained non-denominational Christian wedding minister. He began his wedding work on Maui Island on a part-time basis and then moved to Oahu Island in 1998. In 2004, he began doing wedding work on a full-time basis. Since then, he has performed well over 10,000 ceremonies. Kimo can perform non-religious as well as religious ceremonies. He also loves doing vow-renewals that incorporate children as well. Although he has performed many many wedding ceremonies he always goes above and beyond to make each ceremony special and unique. His warm smile and calming presence is a welcome addition to your Oahu wedding day.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know our Oahu wedding ministers, they were hand chosen for their quality of ceremonies and genuineness of character to ensure your special day is amazing.

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Oahu Wedding Officiant

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