Pastel Perfection – Danielle & Nathan’s Oahu Beach Wedding

December 29, 2017


Last Updated on March 1, 2018 by Karma Hill

As a new day began, a beautiful journey also started for Georgia couple Danielle and Nathan. With the Oahu ocean sparkling in the distance, the stunning pair enjoyed some quality time with loved ones as they prepared for the moment they had been waiting for. Before ‘I Do’, they first stole a chance to be alone where they could revel in their joy and share their excitement with one another. Then, it was time for the big moment. As those they hold dear gathered around, they strolled down to the sandy shore from their rented beach house and started the first day of the rest of their lives. With words of love and promises of tomorrow dancing on the breeze, the declaration of their newly married status was met with cheers of joy, accented by the sweet sounds of the ukulele. It was an amazing memory created at their Oahu Beach Wedding and one we are honored to have captured it. Thank you, Danielle and Nathan, for letting the Simple Oahu Wedding team be a part of your happily ever after. We wish you a lifetime of joy together and hope to cross paths again one day. Thank you, also, for your service to our country. Until we meet again, Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!Oahu beach wedding


Oahu Wedding Photography by Karma Hill Photography

Oahu Wedding Location: Waimanalo Beach

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