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March 21, 2023


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Hawaii destination wedding packages are more popular than ever because they offer unparalleled beauty wrapped into one easy-to-manage… well, package. Piecing together all the elements of a wedding is a monumental task on its own, but arranging them thousands of miles overseas (in a vastly different time zone) is nearly impossible to manage. Whether it’s on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, or the Big Island, we’ll help you find a Hawaii destination wedding package that’s everything you’ve dreamed of and then some. 

Hawaii destination wedding packages

What Are Hawaii Destination Wedding Packages?

Hawaii destination wedding packages contain everything you’ll need for a romantic Big Day in the Aloha state. From a Hawaii wedding coordinator to locations and ministers, all of our packages include hand-picked wedding essentials that are truly the best the islands have to offer. This means you can sit back and trust that one of the most important days in your life has been beautifully wrapped up and will be handed to you, like a lovely gift waiting to be opened. Want to know what’s inside that present? 

All of our Hawaii destination wedding packages include:

  • An officiant
  • An on-site coordinator
  • Professional photography and hi-res photos
  • A bridal bouquet from our floral selections
  • Leis for ceremony exchange
  • Beach wedding permit and liability insurance OR venue selection 
  • Our list of recommended vendors
  • Complimentary consultation with a travel specialist
  • Complimentary concierge service
  • And more!

You can always personalize your package with add-ons and customizations to your heart’s content. 

Think of it as comparing a travel cruise to renting a boat, hiring entertainment, and plotting out your itinerary. With a cruise, you’ll arrive and relax in the sunshine, knowing that everything has been taken care of. However, with the non-packaged option, showing up is simply the first step of a marathon of legwork. There’s a reason why no one takes the second route. 

View Oahu Wedding Venues

Planning an Oahu wedding in Hawaii? Or are you just hoping to elope in the world’s most beautiful venues? We’re here to make your wedding easy and stress-free!

Oahu Wedding venues

Do Hawaii Destination Wedding Packages Include Airfare and Hotels?

Hawaii destination wedding packages do not include airfare and hotel accommodations. 

There are numerous insurance liabilities involved with arranging travel, and big hitters like Expedia and Travelocity have the financial capital to ensure your safety and the well-being of your belongings. These huge companies have streamlined flights, hotels, and car rentals. 

On the other hand, small wedding planning businesses have perfectly curated all the elements that go into a Hawaii wedding without losing that personal touch and building one-to-one relationships. Leave the travel to the big guys and let us take care of your Big Day. 

Hawaii destination wedding packages

How Much Do Hawaii Destination Wedding Packages Cost?

Tracking down accurate prices are complicated, but fortunately, we’ve already run the numbers for you! Check out our comprehensive article on Hawaii destination wedding costs for a complete breakdown. 

To put it briefly, let’s use our Oahu weddings as a base. These gorgeous Hawaii destination wedding packages start with a simple Oahu beach elopement at $1,850 and go up to the breathtaking Kualoa Ranch Paliku Gardens Oahu venue ceremony for $9,500.. With flights and lodging tallying in at roughly $6,000, this puts the entire trip (from plane flight to “I do”) between $7,850 and $15,500, depending on your package, add-ons, island, and venue choices. If you are planning on having a reception with friends and family you can quickly get to over $30,000 pretty quickly.

Hawaii destination wedding packages

Hawaii Destination Wedding Packages Are Convenient & Simple

With a Hawaii destination wedding package, you’ll be working with one company that expertly engineers all the little gears to make the whole machine run seamlessly. You’ll build a relationship with a trusted advisor. This person will be someone you can touch base with whenever questions or concerns crop up. 

This means simplicity at its finest. With a wedding package, there’s no need to contact multiple vendors or orchestrate the details while you’re on vacation. Just a single payment can cover everything, no worrying about little charges here and there — Your Hawaii destination wedding package will cover it all. Or you can customize it with Hawaii wedding add-ons that will be conveniently calculated into your overall total, allowing you to put your mind at ease and relax by the poolside.

Want to know more? Come view Simple Maui Wedding’s Top 7 Reasons to Choose All-Inclusive Maui Wedding Packages. 

Hawaii destination wedding packages

Types of Ceremonies in Hawaii Destination Wedding Packages 

There are two types of ceremony packages for Hawaii destination weddings: beach or venue. Come with us and we’ll explore the differences, pros, and cons!

Hawaii Beach Weddings – Who Are They Best For?

  • Ideal for fewer than 30 guests
  • Includes beach permit and insurance
  • Less expensive than a venue
  • No indoor option
  • Gorgeous backdrops

With beach weddings, simplicity reigns supreme. These packages are ideal for weddings with less than 30 people or eloping couples with few guests. Nothing can outdo the glistening ocean and the soft sensation of digging your toes in the sand. The Hawaii shoreside practically takes care of the decorating–which is convenient and fortunate since many decorative items are restricted on Hawaii beaches. 

Hawaii destination wedding packages

Our packages abide by all state laws and regulations, and a beach wedding permit and liability insurance are included in every package. As a private citizen, securing these legal requirements is immensely difficult, so ensuring your Hawaii destination beach wedding package includes up-to-date paperwork is crucial. 

Because of the money saved on booking a venue, Oahu beach wedding packages and Maui beach wedding packages tend to be less expensive. However, you’re also taking a small gamble on the weather. There are no indoor options available for beach weddings, so if the clouds aren’t behaving as planned, it could mean bringing out the umbrellas. Luckily, rainy days on the beach are rare, and few things compare to saying “I do” as the ocean keeps tempo, or listening to the deeply moving sound of your Hawaiian wedding officiant blowing the traditional conch shell to celebrate your union.

Plus all of the sunshine, smiles, and radiant ocean will be captured by the artistic lens of the Karma Hill Photography Team, voted the top 5 wedding photographers for the state of Hawaii for the past 4 years by Hawaii Magazine. 

View Oahu Wedding Venues

Planning an Oahu wedding in Hawaii? Or are you just hoping to elope in the world’s most beautiful venues? We’re here to make your wedding easy and stress-free!

Oahu Wedding venues

Venue Hawaii Destination Wedding Packages

  • Large range for guest counts
  • Versatile locations
  • Indoor options
  • Shoreside venues available
  • Beach photo opportunities

Venue Hawaii destination wedding packages offer a little more flexibility with guest counts and a wider range of location options. Hawaii is known for its gorgeous beaches, but it’s also known for its world-class resorts. From hotels on the oceanfront to hidden gems deep within the valleys, Hawaii has a versatile and spectacular selection of venues. We’ve hand-picked only the best Oahu wedding venues and Maui wedding venues that are both beautiful and dependable, so you can rest assured that your Big Day will go as smoothly as possible. 

You can even have the best of both worlds and select a venue wedding package then add on additional photography time so you can capture couple’s portraits on the beach. Or you can say “I do” at one of our shoreside wedding venues. The Paradise Cove Luau and Kualoa Ranch Secret Island both have toes-in-the-sand ceremony options while offering the exclusivity of a venue. Simple Maui Wedding offers a 5 Palms Resort venue that also has a shoreside terrace just a few steps away from the ocean.  

Hawaii destination wedding packages

✦ The Best Wedding Companies for Hawaii Destination Wedding Packages

Choose a locally owned and operated business. Hiring a large company that caters to 1000 plus weddings a month is only going to offer you cookie-cutter packages with zero to few add-ons and customizations.

The following companies take pride in making personal connections and helping you customize your Hawaii destination wedding packages to create your dream wedding day.

Oahu Wedding Planners

Simple Oahu Wedding is simply the best if you want elegance paired with the easygoing nature of the islands. Our packages include all the essentials, a vivid selection of beaches and venues, and the best photography team on the islands. Check out what our Oahu beach wedding packages offer.

Maui Wedding Planners

Hawaii destination wedding packages

Our sister company, Simple Maui Wedding has been voted “Best of the Best Wedding Planners in Hawaii.” Like us, they only work with the top vendors and have hand-picked gorgeous locations around the island to create dream wedding packages that your guests will never forget. Browse what our beautiful Maui beach wedding packages include. 

Big Island Wedding Planners

Yes, we can help make it happen! Check out our newest wedding company on the Big Island, Simple Hawaii Wedding, offering Big Island wedding packages near Kailua-Kona.

Our companies are run by a husband and wife team who’ve structured their wedding businesses around honesty, integrity, and simplicity. We answer our emails within 24 hours, and our team has consistently earned 5-star reviews from our clients. 

This isn’t an accident; we truly care about you and your Hawaii wedding experience. With us, you’ll always be in contact with a real, live person, and you’ll establish a working relationship with one of our professional and dynamic wedding planners. We love making connections with our clients, and many have returned throughout the years for vow renewals. We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to helping you find your ideal Hawaii destination wedding package!  

View Oahu Wedding Venues

Planning an Oahu wedding in Hawaii? Or are you just hoping to elope in the world’s most beautiful venues? We’re here to make your wedding easy and stress-free!

Oahu Wedding venues
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