Hawaii Wedding Bouquets – 40 Must-Have Oahu Florals

May 26, 2020


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It’s nearly summertime and all of us at Simple Oahu Wedding are feeling the sun and dreaming of Hawaii wedding bouquets! We see a lot of beauties. With choices ranging from our gorgeous bouquet options to one-of-a-kind creations custom made for you, our talented friends at Sweet Blossoms Hawaii have the perfect arrangement to make your floral dreams bloom into reality! 

Since we’re at the tail end of May, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the many gorgeous bouquets of our Oahu brides. After all, “May Day” is one of our favorite Hawaiian holidays! On the first of the month, kiddos and adults alike sport their best aloha gear to celebrate Hawaiian traditions like lie making and hula — and instead of ribbons or balloons, the room decor is simply blooms of endless florals! It might be a little late in the month, but we wanted to share the spirit of May Day with all of you to bring some aloha to wherever you are in the world! 

We’ve sorted these 40 Hawaii wedding bouquets from real Oahu brides into 3 categories: Spring & Pastel, Tropical & Vibrant, and Leafy & Green. Of course, we’ve included our custom bouquets as well as our 4 stunning bridal bouquet options: Our Rustic Hawaiian, Tropical Elegance, Boho Dream, and White Wedding Bouquets. We’ll cycle through all of them, so come ‘petal’ along with us! 

Spring & Pastel

The beauty of these Hawaii wedding bouquets is as subtle and sweet as their enchanting fragrance. From lilac and baby-soft yellow to hues of popping pink, we love the spring feeling of these flower arrangements!

This collection features Oahu wedding floral from our bridal bouquet selection, including custom arrangements and our Boho Dream, White Wedding, and Tropical Elegance bouquets. Keep swiping for a burst of sweetness!

One of our “Tropical Elegance Bouquets” from our Oahu bridal bouquet selection.
Hawaii wedding bouquets
A sweet handful from our “Boho Dream Bouquet” option.
A “White Wedding Bouquet” from our floral choices included in our Oahu wedding packages.
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets
A custom cascading bouquet with orchids.
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets

Come see our Oahu wedding packages!

Turn your Hawaii destination wedding dreams into reality.

Tropical & Vibrant

For the bride who can’t get enough of our Hawaiian sunsets, the tropical & vibrant style is total eye-candy! With king proteas, ginger, and anthurium sitting front and center, these bouquets bring a touch of the Aloha spirit to your Big Day.

Several of the following bouquets were custom made to meet the bride’s requests, but most are our Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet, one of four gorgeously designed floral options available in our wedding packages. With fiery orange, vivid reds, and just the right amount of mellow yellow and baby pink, this bouquet style is like holding a mini sunset between your hands!

Our “Rustic Hawaiian” bouquet option.
Hawaii wedding bouquets
A custom Hawaii wedding bouquet with monstera leaves and tropical palms.

Love our Custom Bouquets?

Come see what other gorgeous add-ons we offer!

Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets

Leafy & Green

Goddess green is one of the biggest trends in Hawaii wedding bouquets — with ferns, succulents, eucalyptus, and lush tropical leaves to choose from, this style is anything but boring!

You can custom create a bouquet and fill it to your heart’s content with endless greenery, or our Boho Dream and White Wedding bouquets might have the simple splash of emerald you’re looking for!

Hawaii wedding bouquets
Our “White Wedding” bouquet option with greenery.
A “Boho Dream” bouquet with eucalyptus and roses.
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets
Hawaii wedding bouquets

With our beautiful Oahu wedding packages, you can custom create your own Hawaii wedding bouquet or simply select one of our stunning floral options to make an unforgettable impression. We’re happy to work with you to make all of your wedding dreams come true! Contact us today to learn more.

Want to see more beautiful blooms? Visit our sister company’s site and browse Simple Maui Wedding’s collection of 100 Beach Wedding Bouquets.

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