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July 1, 2020


As you know, here at Simple Oahu Wedding, we LOVE all things wedding!! We love coordinating your special day and we love learning about our sweet couples!! We thought in this downtime it might be nice to give you the chance to learn a little about our team of Oahu wedding coordinators.

Aysha is the head of our fabulous crew! From the moment you contact us, she’s your go-to gal. She’s behind all the emailing and phone calls, and her goal is really to make your wedding day perfect!

If you’d like to learn a little more about Aysha, here you go….


Oahu wedding coordinators
I love wedding planning because I get to be a part of our couples’ happiest day!!! Working with them for over a year sometimes then seeing it all come together for them is truly magical!
– Aysha

Aysha was born in NYC and moved here when she was just 6 years old. She’s practically city-glam meets Aloha spirit! And it reflects in her epic style — when she was younger, Aysha wanted to be a designer! Her 12-year-old daughter, Presley, is as beautiful and smart as can be, pretty much a little mini-me of her mama — but soon this dynamic duo will be a trio! In the next few weeks, Piper, a golden retriever puppy will be welcomed into the fam!

Aysha comes from a surfing family and grew up bombing waves competitively. It’s little wonder her favorite hangout spot on Oahu is the North Shore — the waves don’t get much better than that! She’s ah-mazing at catching those waves, but she says her little brother (who’s on his way to becoming a pro) makes her look like a rookie! She’s still #1 in our book!

Our lead coordinator has a standout personality! Aysha’s always laughing and full of energy — and her food faves are just as popping! Give this queen anything spicy! If you’re on Oahu, drop by her favorite restaurant, Doraku. And if you’re planning a trip around the world, maybe one day you’ll spot her at Greek Islands or Madagascar, the two places she’s set on visiting!

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Oahu wedding coordinators
“This career as sincerely been my most favorite passion I have had the honor of working. I knew it was the one when I did not feel like we worked at all! We celebrate love! We also get to use our creative minds to be organized for someone else who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed about their big day!”
– Oli

Hau’olilani, AKA “Oli,” is another one of our fantastic Oahu wedding coordinators. She’s a local girl to the core. Originally from Hale’iwa, Hawaii, her grandmother received Hawaiian Homestead in Princess Kahanu Estates located in Nanakuli, and she’s lived there since 1995.

Oli lives with an adorable fur baby. Her 5 lb black Pomeranian is named Ikipea, which means Little Bear in Hawaiian because he looks like a small bear cub! We wonder if he’s as good at bodyboarding as she is! Bodyboarding is this Oahu wedding coordinator’s thing! If you see a bright neon green board and a female bodyboarder in bright orange and blue, that’s Oli! This goddess is dedicated to the craft! She studies female bodyboarders on Youtube to learn their tricks!

After a great boarding session, you might find Oli at Tanioka’s because they have the best poi and li hing mui Gummy bears on the island!


Oahu wedding coordinators
“I love being a part of someone’s special day and contributing to an exciting time in their lives.”
– Mai

Samai goes by her nickname “Mai.” She’s got a heart of gold and is truly a world traveler! Mai was born in Laos and spent 3 years living in a refugee camp in Thailand until her family immigrated to California when she was 6 years old. After growing up in Santa Barbara, Mai lived in Japan for 4 years and then moved to Hawaii where she’s been for the last 2 years.

Mai has a 19-year-old son named Keanu and two fur babies: a 6-year-old cockapoo named Kintai, and Kozu, a 3-year-old poodle she rescued while she was in Japan (we told you she had a heart of gold!).

If Mai could travel anywhere in the world she’d visit East Asia because there’s so much to explore! And the food is also incredible! Mai’s favorite cuisines are Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean. This Oahu wedding coordinator is a foodie and knows her way around her spices! Mai hosts a themed dinner every month. June was a seafood boil and July will be taco bar night. (Sorry, she doesn’t sell tickets!). Mai’s other hobbies include making macrame, creating Haku lei po’o, and tending to her plants. (Check out the pics above for some of her creations!)


Oahu wedding coordinators
“I love first looks! That is my favorite moment for every wedding.”
– Vy

Vy is an Oahu girl, born and raised! She knows all the ins and outs of the island and grew up using Oahu as her playground. But if she could travel anywhere in the world, she’d visit France, which is understandable because there’s so much to see there! We’d LOVE to get some pics of Vy on the top of the Eiffel Tower! This awesome Oahu wedding coordinator belongs on the top of the world!

Mochi is Vy’s sweet Shih Tzu. The fact that Vy named her fur baby “mochi” is no surprise because Vy LOVES Japanese food! Her favorite Oahu restaurant is Sushi ii, and she enjoys cooking as a hobby and checking out new restaurants for surprise favorite dishes!

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Now that you’ve met our Oahu wedding coordinators, come meet our photographers! Our team consists of 4 amazing photographers. They’ve all been trained by and work under Karma Hill Photography, bringing the iconic gorgeous airy style into their photos to capture the joy of your special day!


“I love that this career always feels “new” because every client/wedding is different.”
– Megan

Megan is from Kauai, and her family and friends know her as “Megs.” She has two cats, Ollie (no relation to our own Oli) and Nugget (no relation to a chicken).

Megan loves all food as long as it’s not too spicy! Her favorites are Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, and Greek, and her favorite Oahu restaurant is the Curry House. If you haven’t tried the Japanese-local style curry at this Oahu fave, you should totally make it a pit-stop!

When she was just a kiddo, Megan wanted to have a career that allowed her to be “rich enough to help everyone in need”… how sweet is that?! When she grew a little older and realized that it would be hard for any single person to do, she decided she wanted to be an astronomer, or a paleontologist, or an architect… or a painter… or a photographer! We see a theme here… discovery meets art! Which makes a whole lot of sense because Megan has loads of skill when it comes to discovering unique personalities and moments and then capturing them behind the lens!

But Megan’s drive to create doesn’t just stop at the lens — she’s currently getting her hands dirty with woodworking and concrete! This is a woman of talent!


“Photography and videography don’t feel like work to me.  Every day and location is different. I love the open schedule and having free time to do other hobbies”
– Mike

Mike is our only guy on the team — and this Oahu wedding photographer is a king! Hailing from Campbell, California Mike likes to keep it simple. He has no nickname, no kids, and no pets, but he’s got endless skills behind the lens! Who needs all the complications when your Oahu wedding photos are as streamlined and gorgeous as Mike’s??

Mike is happy on any beach in Oahu and would love to visit Bali or New Zealand, maybe even while visiting some of their best Indian restaurants!

When Mike was little, he wanted to be either a designer or an architect, which is reflected in his carefully designed photos. But now he busies himself by playing drums, surfing, gardening, cooking, and cutting his friends’ hair! These are essential skills to have during the lockdowns! As far as we know, Mike is not taking reservations for his epic barber creations!


“I love being able to spend my time outdoors for my job!”
– Jasmine

Jasmine (AKA Jazz) was born in Iowa and came to Hawaii with a college internship. She doesn’t have any pets, but she has two amazing little boys named Kainoa and Kekoa (see the pics above for all the cuteness!).

When you meet Jasmine, you’ll notice how energetic and lively she is. In case you’re curious, her special secret is her diet, which consists of 3 foods: chocolate, coffee, and pizza from Bob’s in Kailua. Sweetness from the chocolate, check! Endless energy from the coffee, check! And a well-rounded personality from the pizza, check! No wonder why this queen is so easy going and on top of it!

Jasmine loves to spend the day riding bikes around Kailua or hanging at the beach with her boys. If she could travel anywhere in the world it would be to Petra, Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco. She surfs everyday and she’s always sure to bring a book. This photographer reads 2 books… A WEEK!


“I love connecting with people and capturing their memories!”
– Pinky

Pinky (Yep, her nickname is Pink… how cool is that?!) was born and raised on the island of Kauai. She moved to Oahu in 1998 for college and fell in love with the atmosphere!

She may not have any fur babies, but she has human ones! Cole and Mia are her adorable kiddos and the loves of her life. If she could travel anywhere, she’d take her fam to Italy. And her kids would probably LOVE it (Pizza, anyone?)

Pinky loves Filipino and Japanese food, but she can’t choose just one favorite Oahu restaurant. Any eatery in Haleiwa will hit the spot!

Besides photography, she loves fitness. She was obsessed with Zumba and even got certified to teach it! But this go-getter didn’t stop there… Pinky also got certified in a handful of other formats! There’s no stopping her!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us as much as we adore getting to know you! If you’re planning on an Oahu wedding, come read our comprehensive article on how to travel during the pandemic: Avoid Hawaii Quarantine – Having a Wedding in Hawaii During COVID 19

We can’t wait to meet you!

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