Fate Brought Us Together – Robin & Mitchell’s Oahu Venue Wedding

September 24, 2023


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What does it take to find love halfway around the world? For Robin and Mitchell, it started with a chance encounter during their military service in Korea. From there, they embarked on a long-distance relationship that spanned two years until they finally found their way to Alaska. We were delighted to bring their vision to life and excited to share the story of their beautiful Oahu venue wedding, filled with love, laughter, and a touch of paradise!

Curious to know more about our happy pair’s beginning? Robin and Mitchell’s love story began in Korea, where they crossed paths through work. After their military service, they faced the challenges of a long-distance relationship for two years until they made the bold move to live together in Alaska. With their three adorable dogs by their side, they built a life filled with shared interests like watching movies, playing video games, and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Choosing a wedding venue can be a daunting task, especially when families are spread across different states. Robin’s family lived in California, while Mitchell’s hailed from Texas. The stress of planning and deciding on a location was becoming overwhelming. Thankfully, Mitchell suggested Hawaii as a backup plan, and Robin embraced the idea with open arms!

oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding

Ready For The Next Chapter

As the sun shone down on Paradise Cove, Robin and Mitchell’s wedding day unfolded in all its glory. The anticipation grew as Mitchell eagerly awaited his first glimpse of his beautiful bride during their heartwarming first look. It was a tender moment filled with excitement and love, setting the tone for the rest of their ceremony.

As Robin walked down the aisle, she looked absolutely stunning, radiating joy and happiness. Mitchell’s eyes lit up as he took in the sight of his bride, ready to embark on this new chapter together. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, their ceremony was a celebration of their love and the journey they had taken to reach this point.

oahu venue wedding
wedding couple
oahu venue wedding
wedding in oahu
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
happy couple
wedding ceremony
oahu venue wedding

oahu venue wedding

oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
happy couple
oahu venue wedding

After their Oahu venue wedding ceremony, Robin and Mitchell stole away to the beach to capture some precious moments alone. The romance in the air was palpable as they embraced the breathtaking scenery of Oahu. It was a magical moment as their love for each other shone brightly against the backdrop of crystal-clear waters and white sand. Robin adorned a vibrant haku flower crown afterward, which completed her look perfectly! And Mitchel looks equally as handsome in his classic navy blue suit with a black lapel – very sharp! These two complement each other in every way…

oahu venue wedding
newlyweds on beach
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Robin and Mitchell on your beautiful Oahu venue wedding! Your love story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the belief that true love knows no distance. May your journey together be filled with endless adventures, laughter, and an ever-growing bond. Here’s to a lifetime of happiness and love!


Time Of Day: Afternoon

Wedding Venue Location in Oahu: Paradise Cove

Oahu Wedding Package: Paradise Cove Luau Ceremony Package by Simple Oahu Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Kawena of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Officiant: Rev. Kimo Taylor

Musician: Henry Makua

Wedding Planner in Oahu: Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Wedding Florals: Boutonniere, Flower Crown, Floral Arrangements, Leis & Custom Bouquet by  Sweet Blossoms

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Megan of Karma Hill Photography

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