Brought Together – Cielle & Demi’s Oahu Beach Wedding

November 1, 2023


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In a picturesque beach setting on the beautiful island of Oahu, Demi, a successful businessman in the paper manufacturing industry, and Cielle, who manages an agency catering contractual employees to Demi’s company, gathered with their children and joint families to celebrate their vows of eternal love at their Oahu beach wedding. Their journey together has been nothing short of remarkable.

Demi and Cielle’s love story began back in 1994, a chance encounter that unfortunately led to lost communication. But fate had other plans for them, as two years later, Demi reached out to Cielle, reigniting the flame of their friendship. Little did they know that this would mark the beginning of their courtship.

Navigating the challenges of having a big and extended family is no easy feat, but Demi and Cielle are grateful that they have handled it with grace and love. Together, they have embarked on countless adventures, exploring both domestic and international destinations with their loved ones by their side. So, let’s dive into their incredible day with these lovely photos!

oahu beach wedding
wedding on beach
beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

Their Oahu beach wedding, however, was shrouded in secrecy to their kids. A surprise for their children and family; everyone believed they were attending their niece’s wedding on October 23rd, with a celebration for the newlyweds following on October 24th. Unbeknownst to them, this joyous occasion would also be Demi and Cielle’s wedding day!

Waialae Beach provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate and heartfelt ceremony. As the sun shone down, creating a radiant glow, Demi and Cielle stood before their loved ones, ready to embark on this new chapter of their lives. Their children were by their side, witnessing the unity of their parents with tears of happiness in their eyes.

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

Meant To Be You

Demi and Cielle looked absolutely stunning on their special day. Their smiles reflected the sheer joy and excitement they felt in their hearts. The lighting at the beach created a magical and enchanting atmosphere, making their Oahu beach wedding even more memorable.

In the end, what mattered most was this moment, with just the two of them. Surrounded by love and support from their family, Demi and Cielle sealed their commitment to one another, forever intertwined in the tapestry of love!

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

Congratulations to the happy couple on their wonderful journey and the start of their new chapter together. May their love continue to grow and flourish, creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! Enjoy your time with your family!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Oahu Beach Wedding Coordination: Simple Oahu Wedding

Beach Wedding Package: Complete Oahu Elopement Package #2 By Simple Oahu Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Vy of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Beach Wedding Location: Wai’alae Beach Park

Florals: Leis, Boho Dream Bouquet by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Minister for Oahu Wedding: Justin Phillips

Oahu Wedding Photography: Megan & Phaedra of Karma Hill Photography

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