An Instant Connection – Jordan & Kate’s Oahu Beach Wedding

September 21, 2023


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Love has a funny way of finding us, especially in the digital age. For Jordan and Kate, their journey began with a simple swipe on a dating app. Little did they know that their connection would lead them to a breathtaking Oahu beach wedding, surrounded by loved ones and the beauty of nature. So, without further adieu, we are excited to share the heartwarming details of their special day and the unforgettable memories created on the picturesque North Shore.

It all started when Jordan reached out to Kate on a dating app, boldly sharing his phone number. After a few days of anticipation, Kate finally responded, and their love story began to unfold. From the moment they met in person, an undeniable chemistry sparked, leaving them both certain they had found their forever partner!

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
wedding ceremony

As the sound of crashing waves at Papa’iloa Beach set the rhythm, Jordan and Kate exchanged heartfelt vows, their love beaming brightly for all to see. What made their wedding even more special was the inclusion of Kate’s daughter, Hadley, who instantly found a loving and supportive bonus dad in Jordan. It was a beautiful family moment for everyone! Their love and bond were palpable as they gathered hand-in-hand in a circle…

oahu beach wedding
happy wedding in oahu
wedding in oahu
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
happy couple on beach

Love & Light

What a beautiful pair and new family they make! The air was filled with sweetness and light throughout their big day. Amidst the laughter and love, their wedding day became more than just a celebration of their union; it was a true family affair. It’s a testament to the love and unity that Jordan and Kate have built together!

oahu beach wedding
newlyweds in oahu

As the sun descended toward the horizon, the newlyweds took advantage of the magical golden hour to capture their intimate portraits on the beach. The soft, warm glow cast a romantic ambiance, perfectly encapsulating their shared joy and love. Adorned with a whimsical flower crown, Kate looked absolutely radiant, while Jordan’s pale blue suit added a touch of timeless charm. If you’re looking for tropical elegance, these two are the picture-perfect examples!

oahu beach wedding
wedding on beach
oahu beach wedding

Jordan and Kate’s Oahu beach wedding was a dream come true, filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. From their serendipitous meeting on a dating app to the picturesque beauty of the beach, every moment was a reminder of their deep connection and the beautiful journey they had embarked upon. As they begin their happily ever after, we wish them endless adventures, joy-filled travels, and a lifetime of love and happiness. Congratulations, Jordan and Kate!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Oahu Wedding Planner: Simple Oahu Wedding

Beach Wedding Location in Oahu: Papa’iloa Beach

Onsite Coordinator: Olivia of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Wedding Package: Simply Beautiful Oahu Beach Wedding Package #3 by Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Pinky of Karma Hill Photography

Florals: Leis, Flower Crown, and Boho Dream Bouquet by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Oahu Officiant: Rev. Kimo Taylor

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