Playful & Personal – Katie & Victor’s Oahu Beach Wedding

March 2, 2023


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We love it when our couples showcase their personalities during their nuptials! Our sweet couple, Katie and Victor’s playful touch to their Oahu beach wedding celebration made their affair extra unique, as you’ll see below! Their close family members joined the happy couple on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. The sky might have been a little overcast, but that didn’t dampen their spirits one bit!

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

Their wedding ceremony was simple yet elegant, with the focus firmly on the love that Katie and Victor share. It was clear to everyone present that these two were meant to be together forever! Their vows were heartfelt and touching, especially with the sound of the waves in the distance at Kualoa Beach Park and their children by their side…

beach wedding
happy couple
wedding ceremony
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
newlyweds on beach

One thing that really stood out about their wedding was the couple’s unique touch of personality. They both wore white converse shoes, which added a fun and playful element to the proceedings. It was a small detail, but it spoke volumes about who they are as individuals and as a couple. The message on the soles says it all!

newlyweds in oahu
family at wedding
happy married couple

Picturesque Paradise

As they posed for the camera, you could see the love between them in every glance and touch. They were completely lost in each other’s eyes, savoring every moment of being newlyweds.

The natural beauty of Oahu’s Kualoa Beach Park served as a stunning backdrop for their portraits. The gentle ocean waves crashing against the shore, the towering, Jurassic-like mountains in the distance – it was all so picturesque and romantic!

Even as they smiled for the camera, Katie and Victor couldn’t help stealing glances at each other, which was really endearing to photograph!

newlyweds in paradise
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
husband and wife
newlywed portraits
newlyweds in hawaii
oahu beach wedding

We feel honored to have witnessed such a beautiful celebration of love, and we wish Katie and Victor all the best as they begin this new chapter together as husband and wife with their sweet children!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Oahu Beach Wedding Coordination: Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Beach Wedding Location: Kualoa Beach Park

Florals: Leis & Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet – Vibrant by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Oahu Wedding Package: Simply Beautiful Oahu Beach Wedding Package #2 by Simple Oahu Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Vy of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Minister: Kahu Kawena

Oahu Wedding Photography: Pinky of Karma Hill Photography

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