Love By The Sea – Mamie & Tom’s Oahu Elopement

August 25, 2023


Love has a way of surprising us when we least expect it, and Mamie and Tom’s Oahu elopement is a perfect testament to that. Mamie, a fitness enthusiast and LA-based Pilates instructor, and Tom, a writer for DC Comics and animated TV shows, found each other through the twists and turns of fate.

Their love story began two years ago when they met on a dating app. Little did they know that their first date would be an unforgettable one. Mamie’s mischievous dog decided to leave a lasting impression by playfully giving Tom a little nip – a “love at first bite” encounter. Mamie worried that this unexpected incident might scare Tom away, but to her delight, he came back for more, proving that their connection was unbreakable!

Fast forward to their engagement, where Tom placed the ring on the Christmas tree, initially claiming it to be a “promise to get married” ring due to some cold feet from a previous marriage. But he quickly confessed that it was indeed an engagement ring!! Mamie couldn’t help but fall in love with the ring even more when she learned that Tom’s uncle, a jeweler, had expertly cut the diamond into the shape of a heart – a symbol that holds extra special meaning for her as she was born on Valentine’s Day! So thoughtful… Curious to see how these two finally tied the knot? Keep reading to see the moments of their big day below!

oahu elopement
oahu elopement

The First Look

On their special day, Mamie and Tom added an extra touch of magic to their Oahu elopement with a heartwarming “first look.” This cherished moment allowed them to see each other for the first time before their ceremony, creating a memory they will forever hold close to their hearts.

As the anticipation built, Mamie and Tom eagerly awaited the moment when they would lay eyes on each other in their wedding attire. The excitement was palpable, and their love radiated through every beat of their hearts. And then, with bated breath and racing pulses, the moment arrived.

Looking radiant and ethereal in her wedding gown, Mamie stepped towards Tom, who stood there in awe of her beauty. Their eyes locked, and time seemed to stand still as they took in the sight of each other. It was a tender and intimate moment filled with emotion, joy and a profound sense of love!

oahu elopement
oahu elopement
wedding in oahu
oahu elopement
oahu elopement

On A Beach In Hawaii

Their beautiful Oahu elopement ceremony was held right by the ocean at Wai’alae Beach and was nothing short of magical. With a relaxed and modern vibe, their ceremony took place against a backdrop of a breathtaking view of the beach. The atmosphere was ethereal and dreamy, perfectly capturing the essence of their love. The ocean waves whispered their congratulations and the gentle sea breeze carried their vows to eternity.

Eloping to a beach in Hawaii is a romantic notion, and Mamie and Tom fully embraced the beauty and serenity surrounding them. Our beautiful couple originally planned on eloping to Maui, but due to the wildfires, our expert team helped them find another incredible location to exchange their vows on neighboring Oahu. Their day was filled with love, laughter, and joy, and the memories they created will forever hold a special place in their hearts…

happy newlyweds in oahu
oahu beach elopement
oahu elopement
oahu beach wedding
oahu elopement
oahu elopement
oahu elopement
oahu beach wedding

Mamie and Tom’s newlywed portraits captured a love that was both timeless and extraordinary. With each click of our camera, they immortalized the romance and tenderness that enveloped their hearts on their incredible day. With each step they took, the gentle lapping of the waves provided a rhythmic backdrop to their first moments as husband and wife. It was as if time stood still on their Oahu elopement! The world faded away, and it was just the two of them, lost in the moment’s magic. The sheer simplicity of walking hand in hand by the water spoke volumes about their love – an unbreakable bond built on trust, support, and a deep understanding of one another.

newlyweds in oahu
oahu elopement
oahu elopement
tropical bouquet
oahu elopement

Congratulations, Mamie and Tom! We are so happy for you both! May you have a romantic honeymoon and many more beautiful years together! Aloha!


Oahu Beach Wedding Coordination: Simple Oahu Wedding

Beach Wedding Package: Originally Maui Elopement Package #1

Onsite Coordinator: Kalinda of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Beach Wedding Location: Wai’alae Beach Park

Florals: Leis, Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet – Vibrant by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Minister for Oahu Wedding: Justin Phillips

Musician: Alika

Oahu Wedding Photography: Pinky of Karma Hill Photography

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