Our Day Arrived – Shayda & Charles’ Oahu Beach Wedding

October 25, 2023


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We are delighted to share the heartfelt and family-orientated celebration of Shayda and Charles! Their journey towards an Oahu beach wedding in beautiful Hawaii began with a bittersweet twist. After months of planning and preparing for a grand celebration with family and friends, Shay fell ill and had to be hospitalized just before their big day. It was a heartbreaking setback that required time to heal and grieve, both physically and emotionally.

That’s where we stepped in! Our wedding planners were happy to help and make their dream wedding finally come true! And as you’ll see below, it was a gorgeous day, full of love and family…

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

Meant To Be

But love always finds a way, and in time, Charlie and Shay decided to return to a place where their memories were laced with happiness. Opting for an intimate wedding on the golden shores of Wai’alae Beach, they envisioned a ceremony that would unite not only their hearts but also their beautiful family.

On their special day, it was evident that family was at the core of their celebration. Autumn, with a smile as radiant as the sun, stood beside her parents, beaming with excitement. Mother and daughter adorned fanciful gowns and tropical flowers, creating a picture-perfect harmony that reflected their love and bond. As the sun beamed down casting a golden glow upon the beach, Charlie and Shay exchanged heartfelt vows. It was a moment of pure bliss, filled with tenderness, tears, and love. The presence of their daughter made the occasion all the more meaningful and touching!

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
wedding in hawaii
oahu beach wedding
beach wedding

A Family Moment

As you can see, our happy newlyweds are all about family! Our lovely couple, Charlie and Shay, find solace in their love for each other and their little girl, Autumn. With busy schedules filled with work and family responsibilities, they cherished every moment spent together as a unit.

Charlie, a tech whiz working as a software engineer, finds fulfillment in his career. Shay, on the other hand, pours her heart into her work at an elementary school as an aide. But their true joy comes from the simple pleasures of spending quality time with Autumn and their beloved dogs. Their Oahu beach wedding marked the next chapter of their family life, and what a beautiful one it was!

oahu beach wedding
mother and daughter
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
daughter on beach
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

In these precious moments as husband and wife, they savored the tranquility and joy that enveloped them. Their journey had been challenging, but it had led them to this intimate and unforgettable Oahu beach wedding. The love they shared with one another and with Autumn shone brightly, illuminating the path ahead as they embarked on their new chapter as a family!

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
wedding in hawaii
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

Congratulations Shay and Charlie! We are so happy for you both! It was a honor to bring your vision to life and create the most magical day for you and your family! Aloha!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Oahu Beach Wedding Coordination: Simple Oahu Wedding

Beach Wedding Package: Simply Beautiful Oahu Beach Wedding Package #3

Onsite Coordinator: Ocean of Simple Oahu Wedding

Musician: Alika Souza

Oahu Beach Wedding Location: Wai’alae Beach Park

Florals: Leis, Flower Crown, Rustic Vibrant Bouquet by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Minister for Oahu Wedding: Dennis Imamura

Oahu Wedding Photography: Laura of Karma Hill Photography

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