Our Next Chapter – Shelby & Christopher’s Oahu Venue Wedding

January 11, 2024


We are so excited to share the beautiful day of our wonderful couple, Shelby and Christopher! Their love story led them to the breathtaking island of Oahu for their dream destination wedding. With a shared passion for cooking, music, and outdoor adventures, this couple from Indianapolis decided to seize the opportunity of a family trip to the island to exchange vows and celebrate their love. As they turned the next page, their hearts were filled with joy and excitement. Keep reading to see more magical moments of their Oahu venue wedding!

oahu venue wedding

Priceless Moments

The Royal Hawaiian Golf Club provided a picturesque backdrop for Shelby and Christopher’s wedding ceremony. Nestled among the mountains of Oahu, this private spot in paradise was everything they had dreamed of. Surrounded by their loved ones, they basked in the beauty of their surroundings, knowing that they had found the perfect venue for their special day.

Shelby walked down the aisle with her father; her beauty illuminated the entire venue. Accompanied by Christopher waiting at the altar and their adorable four-month-old son, Oliver, held with her family, their love was palpable. The smiles that adorned their faces spoke volumes about their happiness and the joy they felt at that moment. It was a celebration of love, family, and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

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oahu venue wedding
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oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
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With heartfelt vows exchanged, Shelby and Christopher sealed their commitment with cheers and hugs from their loved ones. The celebration continued as they ventured through the stunning grounds, capturing newlywed photos amidst the lush tropical scenery. Every shot captured their love and the enchanting ambiance of the island, creating memories of their Oahu venue wedding that will be treasured forever.

oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
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oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding

Congratulations to Shelby and Christopher as you journey through life hand in hand, embracing every adventure that awaits them! All of us at Simple Oahu Wedding wish you all the love and joy as you begin your next chapter as husband and wife!


Time Of Day: Morning

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Mike from Karma Hill Photography

Wedding Florals: Leis, Custom Bouquet by Sweet Blossoms

Oahu Wedding Venue Location: The Royal Hawaiian Golf Club

Onsite Coordinator: Keani & Ocean of Simple Oahu Wedding

Musician: Manutea Nui E

Oahu Wedding Packages: Venue Wedding Ceremony Package #3 by Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Officiant: Kelehua Kawai

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Karma Hill is the owner of Karma Hill Photography, Simple Maui Wedding and Simple Oahu wedding. Karma writes about weddings and photography in Hawaii.

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