Plan “Couldn’t Be Better” – Vy & Sang’s Oahu Beach Elopement

March 19, 2021


Vy and Sang’s Oahu Beach Elopement was their Plan C, or as we like to say, “Plan Couldn’t Be Better!” Their big day was initially set for somewhere near their home in Massachusetts. Then the plan was Vegas. But with COVID and all the complications of coordinating, they figured why not Hawaii?! Vy had her work cut out when it came to convincing Sang, and he pulled out his best puppy dog eyes. But soon he agreed that an Oahu Beach Elopement was the best (and most beautiful + least stressful!) way to say “I do.” 

Oahu Beach Elopement

The Oahu Beach Elopement

Waimanalo Beach set the stage for beauty and simplicity. With lush valleys silhouetted in the backdrop and the glistening ocean cheering them on, Vy and Sang had a wonderful time on the white sand beach of Oahu’s eastern shore. 

Vy’s son, Tayen, walked her down the shore where Sang was waiting. Dressed in a show-stealing gown of floral lace and carrying a custom-created bouquet by our friends at Sweet Blossoms Hawaii, Vy is simply gorgeous! 

real wedding in hawaii
Oahu Beach Elopement
candid photos of hawaii beach wedding
hawaiian minister performs ti leaf blessing during wedding in oahu
Beach Wedding in Oahu
husband reads vows during oahu wedding
Oahu Beach Elopement
bride reads vows in front of oahu ocean
Oahu Beach Elopement
Beach Wedding in Oahu

Later in the ceremony, Tayen shared a sentimental speech to congratulate his mom and Sang, who has become the most wonderful stepfather. It was a touching moment of honesty and genuine love. There was no hiding the immense amount of support on the beach during that very special day. This family is truly blessed to have each other. 

Oahu Beach Elopement
just married husband and wife kiss on oahu beach
Oahu Beach Elopement
Beach Wedding in Oahu
Oahu Beach Elopement
Oahu Beach Elopement

Our Couple’s Story

Vy and Sang met initially through friends while they were both in relationships. Several years later, they were reintroduced and going through individual breakups. It didn’t take long for them to hit it off and realize how much they had in common. In 2014, Sang finally made the first move and made it clear that romance was definitely in the cards.

We love how Vy summed it up: “Our story is literally like a fairy tale with a happy ending. Best friends make the best lovers!” Looking at these photos from Vy and Sang’s Oahu Beach Elopement, and it’s so clear these two love to laugh together and have truly found their person. Keep scrolling for more! 

Beach Wedding in Oahu
Oahu Beach Elopement
Beach Wedding in Oahu
Oahu Beach Elopement
Oahu Beach Elopement

Mahalo nui loa, Vy and Sang, for choosing Simple Oahu Wedding to coordinate your Oahu Beach Elopement. We had a wonderful getting to know you! We wish you only the best in the years ahead!


Time of Day: Morning

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Megan from Karma Hill Photography

Oahu Beach Wedding Location: Waimanlao Beach

Wedding Planner in Oahu: Simple Oahu Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Oli of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Wedding Officiant: Kahu Dennis Chong-Imamura

Wedding Florals: Custom Wedding Bouquet by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

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