Pure Tranquility – Alexa & Pam’s Oahu Beach Wedding

June 27, 2022


Alexa and Pam’s Oahu beach wedding was intimate, romantic, and bohemian! Our delightful duo’s guests were four of their family members. Next, Wai’alae Beach Park created a beautiful scene! Then, every shot captured by Karma Hill Photography showcases the breathtaking weather! Last but not least, our brides were glowing with joy! Continue scrolling to see this event for yourself.

Oahu beach wedding

Our gorgeous brides arrived at the shoreline together. However, they each made a grand entrance! Pam walked down the aisle with her brother, while Alexa was escorted down the beach by her father. As they reached the ceremony shoreline, you could see their bright smiles! There was nothing but excitement and affection on both of their faces. We could tell they’ve been looking forward to this moment since they began planning it!

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The Romantic Oahu Beach Wedding

Kahu Dennis Chong-Imamura was the minister for this event — he delivered a meaningful sermon! During the ceremony, he officiated the lei exchange and the moment this passionate pair exchanged vows. Alexa and Pam’s loving words made this occasion heartwarming! Then since the four guests were family, this wedding was significantly more personal. Above all, we adore how this sunset affair is tranquil and intimate! Not to mention, our favorite thing is seeing Alexa and Pam savor every minute of this celebration.

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Alexa and Pam are stunning brides! Their white dresses are elegant, while their makeup is boho-chic. In addition, their vibrant Rustic Hawaiian Bouquets from Sweet Blossoms Hawaii pair flawlessly with their classic look!

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The sunset at Wai’alae Beach Park did not disappoint! You can see how the heavy cloud coverage in the sky transformed into a dreamy painting. This exquisite array of colors enhanced every Oahu beach wedding portrait! Then, Alexa and Pam were in their own world during their photo session. Our charming pair effortlessly made every shot more romantic!

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Congratulation, Alexa and Pam! Thank you for sharing your special day with us. We wish you a future full of love, happiness, and abundance.

Oahu Beach Wedding – Session Details

Time of Day: Sunset

Oahu Beach Location: ​​Wai’alae Beach Park

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Mike from Karma Hill Photography

Wedding Planners in Oahu: Simple Oahu Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Oli from Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Officiant: Kahu Dennis Chong-Imamura

Wedding Florals: Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

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