The Obvious Choice – Jack & Vincent’s Oahu Venue Wedding

January 19, 2024


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Jack and Vincent’s Oahu venue wedding was nothing short of a love-filled celebration, bringing together the joy of a decade-long journey! With Vincent as a product manager and Jack as a software engineer, their lives were already beautifully intertwined, especially with their energetic twin boys turning 10.

The decision to wed on Oahu was an easy one for this adventurous couple, who had shared countless memories on the island over the years. Their love story, which began over a decade ago as casual acquaintances, took a romantic turn during a music-filled evening in Mountain View. Fast forward to a year of dating, and Vincent’s unforgettable proposal set the stage for a wedding day that would match the same level of romance.

oahu venue wedding

Our Happy Place

Choosing the popular Paradise Cove as their wedding venue, the day unfolded with an intimate and family-oriented atmosphere. Moreover, the little sprinkles in the air added an extra touch of magic, making the day feel even more romantic. Dressed in matching outfits adorned with leis, Jack and Vincent looked not just happy but absolutely fabulous!

Surrounded by the love and well-wishes of friends and family, their joyful ceremony was a testament to their enduring bond. The newlyweds radiated happiness, and everyone present was overjoyed for this special couple!

oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding

After the ceremony, Jack and Vincent strolled to the beach for some private moments as newlyweds! It sealed their big day with romantic moments alone. What’s more, their wedding day mirrored the beauty and romance of their proposal, creating a chapter in their love story that will be treasured for years to come!

same sex wedding
grooms on beach

Congratulations to Jack and Vincent! It was an honor to bring your dream wedding to life on the island you love! We hope you have an amazing time with your family! Lastly, all of us at Simple Oahu Wedding send you lots of love and peace in the decades ahead!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Wedding Venue Location in Oahu: Paradise Cove

Oahu Wedding Package: Paradise Cove Luau Ceremony Package by Simple Oahu Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Vy & Olivia of Simple Oahu Wedding

Musician: Rodney Bejer

Oahu Officiant: Lindsay ‘Kawena’ Mechler

Wedding Planner in Oahu: Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Wedding Florals: Leis by  Sweet Blossoms

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Megan of Karma Hill Photography

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