Hawaii Holds Our Hearts – Kelsey & Michael’s Oahu Vow Renewal

January 16, 2024


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In the heart of Oahu, amidst the gentle rustle of palm trees and the soothing lull waves, Kelsey and Michael, a Marine Corps helicopter mechanic and a Human Resources professional, embarked on a journey of love and renewal. Their story began in the enchanting embrace of Waikiki, where fate brought them together while Kelsey was on vacation, and the rest was history!

Fast forward five years, and the couple found themselves back on the sandy shores of Waialae Beach, surrounded by the beauty that witnessed another milestone of their love story. With a lively three-year-old daughter, Bradley Leilani, Kelsey and Michael renewed their vows in a celebration of love, family, and the island that holds the threads of their union. Keep reading to see more of their stunning Oahu vow renewal!

oahu vow renewal
oahu vow renewal

A Chapter Of Our Lives

Waialae Beach, with its golden sands, set the stage for a romantic Oahu vow renewal adorned with delicate rose petals. As Kelsey and Michael exchanged vows, the joy radiating from their hearts mirrored the sparkle in their eyes. It wasn’t just a renewal; it was a reaffirmation of the love that had flourished since their initial vows on Waimanalo Beach.

For Kelsey and Michael, Oahu is not just a destination; it’s a living testament to their journey. From the serendipitous encounter at Buffalo Wild Wings to the adoption of their fur babies and the birth of their daughter, every grain of sand on Oahu seems to hold a piece of their love story!

oahu vow renewal
wedding on beach
vow renewal
oahu vow renewal

This renewal wasn’t just about saying “I do” once more; it was a celebration of their past, a recognition of the present, and a promise for the future. The islands, witnesses to their love’s evolution, embraced the occasion with a warmth that can only be found in the heart of the Pacific. It truly was a family occasion with their sweet daughter by their side! It was simply perfect!

oahu vow renewal
oahu vow renewal
oahu vow renewal
oahu vow renewal
beach vow renewal
wedding in oahu
oahu vow renewal
oahu vow renewal

Congratulations to Kelsey and Michael on five years of love, laughter, and joy with your daughter! It was an honor to be a part of this milestone in your love story. We wish you another five and many more years beyond of love and happiness!


Time Of Day: Sunset

Oahu Vow Renewal Coordination: Simple Oahu Wedding

Beach Wedding Package: Simply Beautiful Oahu Beach Wedding Package #3

Onsite Coordinator: Olivia of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Vow Renewal Location: Wai’alae Beach Park

Florals: Leis, Haku Flower Crown, Boho Dream Bouquet by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Minister for Oahu Wedding: Kahu Kawena

Oahu Vow Renewal Photography: Megan of Karma Hill Photography

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