Outdoor Lovers Paradise – Mandie & Steven’s Oahu Venue Wedding

October 17, 2023


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Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting love story of Mandie and Steven as they celebrate their Oahu venue wedding on the beach! From their adventurous spirits to their deep love for the outdoors, this couple found their slice of paradise to say their vows. Join us as we recount their joyful and lighthearted celebration filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments with their closest loved ones!

oahu venue wedding

Ready For Our Future

Although Mandie hails from Portland, Oregon, and Steven is from Napa Valley, California, their shared adventurous and outdoorsy spirits drew them together. Hawaii captured their hearts, becoming the perfect location for their wedding celebration. Mandie is a dedicated pilates instructor and part-time dance teacher, while Steven showcases his skills as a server at a top steakhouse in Chicago. As proud parents to their fur babies, Ellie and Penny, they found joy in their everyday lives. But now they were ready to take their love story into the next chapter!

When Mandie stumbled upon our company Simple Oahu Wedding, she instantly knew it was the right fit. The team made their Oahu venue wedding planning easy and stress-free, allowing them to celebrate their love without the overwhelming pressure of a big wedding. It was the perfect balance between elopement and celebration, allowing them to create beautiful memories surrounded by their loved ones.

A Secluded Paradise at Kulaloa Secret Island

The wedding day arrived, and Mandie and Steven found themselves surrounded by their friends and family at the breathtaking Kulaloa Secret Island. With the ocean as their backdrop, the ceremony exuded an air of magic and romance. The secluded and private location provided a slice of paradise exclusively for the couple, creating an intimate and unforgettable setting!

oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
wedding in oahu
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding

The wedding ceremony perfectly reflected Mandie and Steven’s vibrant personalities. Laughter echoed through the air as they exchanged heartfelt vows, showcasing their love and joy. Their celebration was filled with lighthearted moments that resonated with everyone present!

happy couple
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding

Following the ceremony, the couple ventured with their photographer to explore the lush features of the property. From ancient koi ponds to dramatic mountains, every corner provided a picturesque backdrop for capturing romantic moments. Mandie and Steven’s deep love for each other emanated through every photograph, capturing their genuine happiness!

Outdoor lovers Mandie and Steven found the ideal location to say their vows, surrounded by the stunning beauty of Oahu! With crystal-clear waters, soft sandy beaches, and breathtaking landscapes, it was a paradise tailor-made for their outdoor-loving spirits. They looked absolutely radiant, with Mandie in her floral gauzy gown and Steven dapper in his grey suit! They make a beautiful couple!

oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding
oahu venue wedding

To newlyweds Mandie and Steven, we raise our glasses in celebration of your magical Oahu venue wedding! Your love for each other shines bright and is an inspiration to all. May your journey together be filled with countless adventures, laughter, and endless love! Cheers to a lifetime of happiness with your fur babies! Enjoy your honeymoon and time with your friends and family…


Time Of Day: Sunset

Oahu Wedding Planner: Simple Oahu Wedding

Wedding Photographer in Oahu: Megan of Karma Hill Photography

Onsite Coordinator: Kalinda of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Wedding Venue: Secret Island – Kualoa Ranch 

Musician: Henry Makua

Wedding Florals: Boho Dream Bouquet + Leis by Sweet Blossoms

Oahu Wedding Package: Venue Wedding Ceremony Package #1 – Kualoa Ranch Secret Island by Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Officiant: Dennis Chong-Imamura & couple’s own officiant

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