Top 10 Oahu Wedding Locations: From Beaches to Venues

May 1, 2020


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Looking for the perfect Oahu wedding location?

At Simple Oahu Wedding, we believe the Hawaii locale where you get married should be gorgeous yet uncomplicated with a heaping scoop of island style. We’ll help you find the ideal place to get married in Oahu and turn your dream into reality! Just see what our clients have said:

“We live in Maryland and trying to find a place in Hawaii to get married was quite difficult until we found Simple Oahu Wedding!”

-Irene V.

Follow along as we review our Top 10 Places to Get Married in Oahu!

1. Kualoa Ranch Secret Island (Venue)

Places to get married on Oahu - Kualoa Ranch Secret Island
Anna & Andres ~ Evening ~ See more weddings at Kualoa’s Secret Island

There are plenty of breathtaking wedding venues on Oahu, but Kualoa Ranch’s Secret Island takes the (wedding) cake when it comes to island style. This reserve is so private that you and your guests can only access the beachfront by floating over an ancient fish pond via a Hawaiian fishing boat (Yes, you read that correctly!). Imagine saying “I do” on a tropical beach with just you, your guests, and your special someone digging your toes into the powdery white sand.

Why is Kualoa Ranch in our top 10?

  • 100% private
  • Seats up to 50 guests
  • Sweeping panoramic ocean views
  • Movie-worthy valley scapes 
  • Beach OR boat ceremony options are available 
  • Soft north-east lighting = no harsh shadows
  • Ample parking
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Profits protect Hawaii’s nature and wildlife
  • Hawaiian fishing boat… need we say more?

2. Royal Hawaiian Golf Club (Venue)

Laura & Makoto ~ Early Evening ~ See more weddings at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club

Although Hawaii beaches tend to get most of the praise, our mountains and jungles can be just as beautiful. Nestled in the lush valleys of Kailua, the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club is the perfect venue for nature lovers. Its endless greenery is accented with designer elements, including a pristine pond, stone bridges, and a rugged rock wall. You’ll say “I do” on the manicured lawns overlooking the venue and then venture into the tropical forest to capture unforgettable couples portraits. 

Why is Royal Hawaiian Golf Club in our Top 10?

  • Lush backdrops
  • Unique Hawaiian experience
  • Designer elements
  • Golf car ride for jungle photo opt
  • Waimanalo Beach photo session if time permits
  • Optional on-site reception area
  • The greenery you need to see to believe!

3. Paradise Cove Luau (Venue) 

best places to get married on Oahu - Paradise cove luau
Liezel & John ~ Hahna & Paul ~ Afternoon ~ See more weddings at Paradise Cove Luau

If you dream of getting married on a beautiful beach but also want the convenience of an onsite reception, then Paradise Cove Luau is the ideal Oahu wedding location! Situated on the Leeward side of the island, this stunning location showcases vivid sunsets and glistening seascape views. With a grassy lawn or sandy stretch available for ceremony options, you can decide whether or not to go “toes in the sand” or “shoes on the terrace.” When the sun goes down, you can dive into a traditional Hawaiian luau to celebrate your union right there on the property!   

Why is Paradise Cove Luau in our top 10?

  • Two gorgeous ceremony options
  • Discounted group rates available for the luau
  • Spectacular ocean views
  • Sunsets
  • Cocktail hour
  • Perfect beach for portraits
  • Did we mention sunsets?
  • Hawaiian Luau reception (With Polynesian fire dancers!

4. Papailoa Beach 

get married on Papailoa Beach in oahu
Brittany & Timothy ~ Sunset ~ See more weddings at Papailoa Beach

It’s impossible to adequately describe the fluid and artistic beauty of Papailoa Beach. With a rocky shoreline draped in soft green algae and a stretch of trees fading into the horizon, walking on this Oahu beach feels like stepping into a masterpiece. Best known as the setting for the TV show Lost, Papailoa Beach offers bright tropical beauty with an unexpectedly refined aesthetic. 

Why is Papailoa Beach in our top 10?

  • Lava rock formations
  • White sands
  • Minutes from Haleiwa town
  • Close to restaurants
  • Suitable for groups of 15 or less

5. Waimanalo Beach

waimanalo beach oahu
Leanna & Dale ~ Morning ~ See more weddings at Waimanalo Beach

Rarely crowded, Waimanalo Beach is one of our favorite locations for beach weddings. Its oceanscape features rolling valley backdrops and a seemingly endless stretch of white sands. In the morning light, Waimanalo Beach’s waters glow a vivid aquamarine, while the sky fades into soft pastels during the sunset hours. With plenty of parking and easy access to the shore, this spot is perfect for wedding guests of any age. 

Why is Waimanalo Beach in our top 10?

  • Variety of valley and ocean backdrops
  • Located near Sea Life Park 
  • North shore views
  • Aqua blue waters
  • Restrooms on site

6. Yokohama (Keawaula) Beach

best places to get married in oahu - beach wedding in oahu
Jessica & Ben ~ Sunset ~ See more weddings at Yokohama Beach

Resting in the heart of Makaha, Yokohama Beach is a remote white sand beach that’s well worth the travel time! The rocky coastline is encircled by lush mountains and valleys with rolling tides crashing in the ocean backdrop. Resting on the western tip of the island, this Oahu wedding location features vivid sunsets and pastel-soft morning light. 

Why is Yokohama Beach in our top 10?

  • White sands
  • Restroom facilities
  • Endless mountainscapes 
  • Remote location
  • Vast shore
  • Gorgeous sunsets 

7. Kualoa Regional Beach Park 

Hunter & Janit ~ Sunset ~ See more weddings at Kualoa Regional Beach Park

Bordered by a grassy field, this Oahu wedding location showcases green mountains and a rolling tropical beach. Just off Kaneohe Bay on the northeastern side of the island, Kualoa Regional Beach Park is famous for its striking beauty. Just ⅓ of a mile out from its shoreline, the basalt island of Mokoliʻi (or Chinaman’s Hat) rests in the vivid Hawaiian waters.

Why is  Kualoa Regional Beach Park in our top 10?

  • Greenery + Ocean makes for the best of both worlds
  • Stunning views of Mokoliʻi
  • Variety of palms and trees
  • Plenty of parking
  • Restrooms on site
  • White sands

8. Paradise Cove – Ko’olina Beach

Paradise cove oahu - places to get married in hawaii
Ansara & Richard ~ Sunset ~ See more weddings at Paradise Cove Beach

Ko’olina is known for its high-end resorts and accommodations, and although it boasts gorgeous beaches they’re privately owned and inaccessible to the public. Paradise Cove is the single gem in Ko’olina where public weddings are allowed. And what a gem it is! With leggy palms and crystal clear waters, this cove is a must-see! Because it shares its shore with Paradise Cove Luau we recommend morning weddings to avoid dense crowds.  

Why is Paradise Cove – Ko’olina in our top 10?

  • Manicured Palms
  • Reef with clear waters
  • Small parking lot
  • Lava rock formations

9. Waialae Beach Park

Alexis & Logan ~ Evening ~ See more weddings at Waialae Beach Park

Conveniently located near Waikiki, this gorgeous beach features plenty of palms, golden sands, and a backdrop of rolling waters. Although this Oahu wedding location is often crowded, it boasts a wide shoreline, and we can usually seek out less populated areas for the ceremony and beautiful photo ops.  

Why is Waialae Beach Park in our top 10?

  • Palm trees galore
  • A cute man-made island in the backdrop
  • Rocky embankments
  • Golden sands
  • Convenient location
  • Easy access
  • Great for sunsets or mornings
  • Parking lot
  • The feeling of classic Waikiki

10. Haleiwa Alii Beach Park

Qing & Yucong ~ Morning ~ See more weddings in Haleiwa Alii Beach Park

Located near Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s north shore, this rustic beach boasts a lava rock embankment and endless blooms of tropical palms. Haleiwa Alii Beach Park is in the heart of the small plantation town of Haleiwa and features panoramic views of the ocean coast that make for dynamic wedding day photos. 

Why is Haleiwa Alii Beach Park in our top 10?

  • White sands
  • Near tourist locations like Turtle Bay Resort
  • Rolling tide
  • Variety of greenery
  • Great for sunset and morning weddings

Thinking of booking one of these gorgeous Oahu beaches or venue wedding locations? Come check out our beautiful Oahu wedding packages to keep your Hawaii wedding planning simple and stress-free. 

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