From 6th Grade to Hawaii – Maya & Zach’s Oahu Beach Wedding

April 12, 2021


We wonder what Maya’s reaction would be if someone were to tell her that the boy she’d meet at a friend’s sixth-grade birthday party would eventually be standing by her side during their Oahu Beach Wedding! This gorgeous morning ceremony on Waimanalo Beach featured a couple deeply in love, the cheers of loved ones, and soft, dreamy lighting. 

oahu beach wedding

The Oahu Beach Wedding

Wearing an elegant gown with a natural up-do paired with a delicate flower crown, Maya is simply radiant. Zach’s look says it all: this is his person. Kahu Kimo opened the ceremony with the echoing sound of the Hawaiian conch shell, and the wedding party watched on as Maya and Zach tied the knot against the glistening ocean backdrop of their Oahu Beach Wedding. 

groom sees his bride for the first time during their oahu wedding
oahu beach wedding
real wedding in oahu on the beach
oahu beach wedding
bride and groom hold hands during their wedding on waimanalo beach
groom in gray suit with groomsmen in suspenders
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

Zach is a manager at an apartment complex and just received his bachelor’s degree in autonomous unmanned aircraft application systems, and hopes to become a pilot or work for NASA. Maya has been teaching for 6 years as a special education teacher and is also the special education lead for her middle school. She loves being able to help other teachers and support their growth. Together, Maya and Zach enjoy spending time working out, going to yoga, playing video games, watching movies, painting, and playing board games.

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

Our Couple’s Story

Maya and Zach met in sixth grade at a mutual friend’s party. Although they didn’t attend the same school, they occasionally ran into each other at events. Eventually, they wound up at the same high school and began getting to know each other during their sophomore year. It didn’t take long for Maya and Zach to realize what they had. Within a few months of that same year, they were officially dating! 

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

On their tenth anniversary (10/10, how cool is that?!), Zach surprised Maya with a trail of presents around the house. One box led to another, each getting smaller and smaller. And tucked inside of the tenth box, there was an engagement ring! Having known each other for most of their lives, you can practically see the deep love and friendship radiating from Maya and Zach. Keep scrolling for more of their Oahu Beach Wedding! 

oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding
oahu beach wedding

Thank you, Maya and Zach, for trusting us with your Oahu Beach Wedding. It was a gorgeous ceremony, and we wish you all the happiness in the years ahead!


Time of Day: Morning

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Megan from Karma Hill Photography

Oahu Beach Wedding Location: Waimanlao Beach

Wedding Planner in Oahu: Simple Oahu Wedding

Onsite Coordinator: Oli of Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Wedding Officiant: Kahu Kimo Taylor

Wedding Florals: Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Musician: Jeremy on Ukulele

Videography: Origmedia

Hair and Makeup: Reveal 

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