No Place Like Home – Noel & Marcus’ Wedding in Oahu

May 13, 2023


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A sweet, simple, and romantic wedding in Oahu — you really can’t get any better than that! So when it was time for Noel & Marcus to get married, they gathered up a small group of loved ones and hit the beach.

But just because they dreamed of a low-key celebration doesn’t mean they skimped on the details. Instead, they included the elements that were meaningful for them — a walk down the aisle, a ceremonious lei exchange, and portraits that they’ll always enjoy.

Check out some highlights from their wedding below. We’ve also got a fun story of how we ended up becoming their coordinator, plus some tips for anyone wanting their own wedding in Oahu.

Bridal entrance during an Oahu Beach Wedding
Oahu female wedding officiant
Hawaii wedding leis

Staying Close to Home

Couples travel thousands of miles to have an Oahu Wedding. But Noel & Marcus live right here on the island. So the beach, the memory, and the details were all extra special for them.

But how did they decide that a hometown elopement was right for them? We’re happy to share that we played a hand in that!

See, Noel & Marcus were out enjoying time at the beach when they saw a wedding happening toward shore. It seemed casual yet meaningful, the type of ceremony they’d enjoy. So as the vendors said their goodbyes, they asked how they could have a similar celebration.

And that’s how they got the information for Simple Oahu Wedding, and how we ended up being their coordinator. Lucky us!

Don’t worry, though — this darling duo stayed close to home for their wedding, but they’re off to see the world. Travel is in their future, and we can’t wait to hear about all the places they visit as a husband & wife team!

Beach Wedding in Oahu Inspiration
First kiss at a Hawaii wedding ceremony
Hawaii beach wedding in Oahu
Oahu wedding photography

Planning a Beach Wedding in Oahu

Whether you are traveling from across oceans or from across town (like Noel & Marcus), a wedding in Oahu can be an absolute dream. It’s naturally scenic here, and you get to enjoy a full getaway as you wed.

And Simple Oahu Wedding wants to help create an event that lives up to the dream — ceremonies that feel relaxed and joyful, yet still stylish and serene. After all, that’s likely why you chose to marry here.

You may not run into us on the beach like Noel and Marcus did, but we hope these images help you better picture your own wedding here. And when you’re ready, we want to hear from you — this is where you can find our packages for Oahu Weddings.

Simple Oahu Wedding and Karma Hill Photography
Simple Oahu Wedding Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet

A Match Made in Heaven (And Grad School)

Let’s get back to Noel & Marcus, two smiling sweethearts who seemed so relaxed and giddy at their wedding in Oahu. Though they found us recently during a beach outing, their love story dates back over a decade.

That’s when they were both in grad school, looking forward to careers and life beyond their classrooms. Like most great love stories, they met, became friends, fell in love, found a house together, and got a dog (shout out to Louie!). And in 2020, they got engaged.

These days, they’re still rocking the world of academia — Noel as a Vice Principal and Marcus as a high school teacher. And though they’re always looking forward to what’s next, they’re also focusing on the now, enjoying this incredible season of life as newlyweds!

Relaxed and stylish Oahu Beach Wedding
Wedding photography in Hawaii
Waialae Beach Weddings
Oahu Wedding Bride

Congratulations, Noel & Marcus! Thank you so much for allowing us to coordinate your wedding in Oahu! We’ll see you at the beach again soon!


Time Of Day: Morning

Oahu Beach Wedding Coordination: Simple Oahu Wedding

Oahu Beach Wedding Location: Wai’alae Beach Park

Florals: Leis and Pastel Rustic Hawaiian Bouquet by Sweet Blossoms Hawaii

Onsite Coordinator: Vy

Oahu Minister: Kahu Kelehua

Oahu Wedding Photography: Mike of Karma Hill Photography

We also offer weddings at select venues. See a Four Seasons wedding in Oahu here!

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